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Thread: starting raiding sl

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    Default starting raiding sl

    ok so out of all my raid group i run with i am the least geared i so i heal
    heal spec are
    51 warden 15 sen raid and pvp
    51 pury 15 sen mt heal
    51 defiler 15 sen mt heal ? dont really know what to do whit this one
    these are the healing build i use is there anything better so i am not pulling my raid down whit my subpar gear ?

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    I am assumeing you mean 61 for all of those and not 51.

    For raiding I would run with:

    Warden spec for AoE healing
    Purifier Spec for shield spamming
    Sent Spec for Tank/Spot healing

    61[15] Warden Spec. The remaining 15 in either Sent or Puri as you wish (I believe the "Best" is like 13 Sent/2 Inquisitor)

    54 Puri/21 Sent[1]. For Shields (Note that shields are NOT tank heals)

    61[15] I put the 15 in puri but they can be put whereever you would like (some people like to go 11 ward/4 Inquisitor) but you can really put them in any spec you think will work.
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    I believe there was a similar thread to this, with headline something along the lines of "mandatory healing specs", where people discussed what you need for raiding.

    All the healing specs, not counting defiler are not dependant hit rating, so you will do fine with lower level of gear

    As the post above stated, high warden, sentinel and purifier all have their purposes. I personally play nothing but warden in raid encounters, if i have to heal. If we need a tank healing cleric, someone else takes care of it. This is only because of silent agreements inside the guild; someone was just destined to play purifier inside the guild forever, I got the warden role. ^^

    But i have to, that this kind of system works really fine. When learning new encounters all players should have specs they can play eyes closed, and that's why you need to learn one spec really good at first, then expand to others.

    I currently am running 61warden/13sentinel/2inquisitor, extremely good AOE healing spec

    54purifier/21sentinel i have never used this on a raid boss. I made it for dungeons, but ended up using it in raid trash mobs. Alot of the trash encounters have stuff to cleanse, and high aoe hits that call for shields

    61sentinel/11warden/4purifier good dungeon spec, good raid tank healing spec, and usually i use this on trash pulls too. They hit real hard to tanks :O

    I am not using defiler at the moment, but you were curious about its purpose. In raids it is very handy in reducing tank damage (up to 30%) with the links. Along with the damage reductions he has very high burst healing, and very good daamge reduction cooldown. Defiler also provides nice damage. Your raid should have someone with this spec, since on some bosses you will notice your tanks getting constant big hits.

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