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Thread: Asphodel look-a-like set

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    Default Asphodel look-a-like set

    Does anyone know where the "Haunting" chain gear drops? It appears to use the Asphodel model. It's bind on pickup and has several affixes. Anyone have any ideas? Mercenary Equipment Cache maybe?

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    I forget, does daily normal dungeon give a cache? Might be from there.

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    There are random bind-on-equip drops (from uncommon to epic with different stats like "of Doom" or "of Whimsy") that have the name Haunting. If you browse the AH and search in the chain armor section for "Haunting", you should be able to piece together the entire armor set for your wardrobe. I did this for the "Saintly" set of gear, which I particularly like a lot!

    If you're not having any luck on the AH or you've got time on your hands, the level required to equip "Haunting" gear is 53-55. You can go kill stuff in the SL mid-level zones, but I'm sure this won't be the most effective way to procure the set.

    Good luck!
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