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Thread: PVP builds

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    Default PVP builds

    so i'm going to be pvp levelling up with a friend (melee rogue) and am looking for a few builds to have. any input on which specs to bring or avoid would be great. i will probably be healing most of the time unless the team has enough already.

    i'm thinking:


    i would love a tankish melee spec but never seem to see any clerics rolling one in pvp. anyone using justi with sham/druid with decent success? how about a full druid spec?

    thanks for the help!

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    Defiler is probably going to be your best bet. If he's melee, the links will greatly reduce his squish factor. If he doesn't need healing at the moment you can also assist him with DPS.

    Neither Druid or Shaman are very tanky. Justicar does OK in PvP, but you're very reliant on using convictions to do any kind of DPS, and the heals are poor.
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