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Thread: Starting point help

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    Default Starting point help

    I haven't played Rift since a month or two after launch and decided to come back. I have a level 50 mage but since I have tanked in just about every MMO Ive played and since its been so long since I have played Rift I'm just going to roll an new Character and treat it like I've never played before. That said, i feel like I've never played before because I'm at a loss of where to even begin. I remember Clerics being pretty decent tanks so I was thinking of going that route beyond that point I'm just lost. Is Cleric still a good tank? What souls should I be going for? Is it worth it to go full tank for leveling or go dPS and then swap as I get higher level? Any help would be appreciated!!
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    Cleric are solid on both healing, tanking and dpsing (some might argue that cleric dps won't be as good as other callings, but it doesn't matter that much on most of the encounters).

    While leveling, it is worth having a tanking soul for dungeons, but not really for questing in my opinion (a full inquisitor tree or the druid/justicar build will do better), and you can use the same stuff for tanking in dungeons (except you absolutely need a shield + 1hand weapon) and questing.

    When you hit level 60, you can still play both tanking and dpsing (as I personnally do), but it requires more effort than specializing into one aspect (and many will prefer heal + dps aspect rather than tanking, as many guilds will require you to heal), as at that point you will really need tanking items in order to tank, and dps/heal items if you want to dps/heal and pull decent numbers, and it of course requires a good knowledge of more builds.

    Have fun !
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