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Thread: Why are synergy crystals so unbalanced

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    Default Why are synergy crystals so unbalanced

    For example, compare the Druid and Shaman Synergy Crystals

    +25 damage taken
    +70 Spellpower
    +4000 Damage on spell.

    This provides a decent dps increase for shamans. The +25 damage taken is actually strong for shaman because of all the dot's that shamans have.

    Now lets look at another DPS

    +200 Pet SP
    +70 SP
    +2000 damage on a spell.

    Why is the druid crystal litterally providing half the effect of the shaman crystal. Both of the crystals are adding a flat amount of damage on a 15 second DoT Spell So why is the druid one Half as effective

    Or my personal favorite comparison, the Warden versus Puri crystals

    +100 sp for 15 Second when you cast SS (Keep an SS up +100 SP)
    +70 SP
    Increases healing done with Bossuns Blessing by 200. (The base heal for Bossun's is ~100)

    +50 Sp when you use a shield
    +70 SP
    Increases healing done by your ST heals by 1200.

    1200 healing on ST heals, thats all puri gets. On the last twin's fight I did, I had 19 effective single target casts. ASsume they were all 100% effective and that the healing benefit would be 100% effective (They were not and it would not) and this is worth less than 25k healing.

    200 healing on bossuns blessing?, This is simmilar to adding 2000 on every effective AoE heal that goes out. Three times that for pool of restoration,

    It just seems unfair that some crystals seem really strong (Warden, Inquisitor, Shaman) and others seem really really week (Druid, Purifier, Sent, Defiler). I dont know about Cab or Justicar because I don't get to play those specs.

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    While I agree with you, it's going to be really really hard to get all the crystals on even footing. Even in original Rift, there was the best crystal for your class, then all the rest.
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