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Thread: Coming back and need your help!

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    Default Coming back and need your help!

    Hey guys, I am returning to the game as recently I've heard the mass improvements rift has made and I thought to myself I might as well replay through the entire game to experience them. I'm re-rolling Cleric as I haven't heard much love towards the class and I'm more the perfectionist, likes-a-good-challenge kind of person. Normally I'de just play around with the class till I found a build I like but I was wondering if any of you could recommend me a good cleric leveling build to speed up this process .

    Thanks guys and have a happy new year!

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    Welcome back! I hope you have a lot of fun.

    As a levelling build I would look at either the Defiler or the Druid.

    The Defiler drops a static pet that reflects damage and heals it to stay alive. The druid has more usual pets - tank/dps/heals depending on the situation.

    Myself - as a defiler - I can only say that seeing your "pet" take unbelieveable amounts of abuse from mobs is a winner, makes you feel unbeatable. I will leave it to others to describe their souls.
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    The strong trees for leveling are druid, justicar, defiler, and inquisitor. Use them in almost any combination and find your own style.
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