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Thread: PvP Healing build

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    Default PvP Healing build

    What's a good PvP healing build? I did a quick search on the forums but didn't find any guides post-SL.

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    61 defiler for explosive growth, the 30% damage reduction link and the sweet transform cooldown.

    I've heard Sentinel is pretty good, too. Warden is phenomenal if your raid stays together, and you have a pocket healer to keep you alive.

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    61 Sent 15 puri works fairly well. 54+ Warden is nice if you have 3 healers, you die a lot if you are the only healer. 54 puri 22 sent works but your stats on the scoreboard will be horrid because absorbs don't count, also need a chloro or warden when playing puri, but your self survival is good.

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