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Thread: Old Player Returning, Need Data lol

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    Default Old Player Returning, Need Data lol

    Ok, I'm trying to figure out a couple of specs for PvP. I prefer DPS or DPS + support specs, as I lack the reflexes to be a good healer. If anyone can help me out I'd appreciate it. I'm currently level 51.

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    I'm a cleric, almost full-time when I play, and in my experience it's melee dps that requires the best reflexes by far. Healers and ranged dps (with ranged interrupts and buff removal) are roughly equal, and tanks are their own beast - not so much movement reflexes needed as a good intuition for your cooldown availability versus impending dmg (although healers have some of the latter as well).

    Now, PVP comes in two flavours - warfronts (WF) and conquest (CQ).
    In CQ, healing is dead as a doornail - it's a zergfest and your average 20-man raid has about 0.5 tank, 1.5 support, and 1 healer, with the rest dps trying to burst harder than the opposition. Hardly really interesting to build specific soul combos for, imo.
    In WF, fights are much more often 1v1 or few versus few, and dedicated healers are immensely powerful, to the extend that the team with the most healers is almost guaranteed to win.
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