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Thread: Where are we at?

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    Default Where are we at?

    So its been a few months now that SL has been out. We have had a major patch and some hot fixes. Just where does the cleric sit now in a competitive raiding guild?

    Tanking: From what I can see we still hold our own. There are more fights where having class X tank is better than class Y but you can get by. We could still use some tweaking but cleric tanking seems to be doing just fine.

    Healing/Tank: Depending on who you talk to its either Chloros are the best or Puries. I think the combo of them is where its really at where the Puri puts up the shields and the Chloros top up the tank. I see this as a draw but other with more experience should speak up.

    Healing/Raid: Hands down chloros. Warden might win a burst race but not by much and a Warden can't switch over to tank heals mid fight if needed. Warden needs either better sustained heals or better DPS to justify its role as a raid healer.

    DPS/Range: Of pure ST DPS souls we are last. Not much else to say about that.

    DPS/AOE: Shaman with a broken mechanic that will be fixed soon no doubt holds its own only because it can switch between AOE and ST quickly and do good levels of DPS in each. But will loose out to a TRUE AOE build such as Sab or Cab as it should. Cab does the right about of AOE damage but its ST role is too week and hard to justify in a raid.

    DPS/Mele: We are last and have wacky rotation and only one of our mele souls can even come close to competing.

    I kill more players than anyone! Just ask the last raid that asked me to heal!!!!!

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    I wanted to come out and say the following pretty definitively: There is no goal to make DPS clerics that DPS do less damage than other callings.

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    Tank-healing- even without the bug they are the best tank-healers, and you're running an inefficient comp to replace them with a Sentinel or Purifier alone. Purifier complements all other healers with mitigation, CDs, and shielding, but the throughput is far below Chloro/Sentinel.

    Raid-healing- Wardens excel on two fights: Crucia and General Typhiria. All other fights consist of moderate, sporadic raid damage, where cooldowns mean little.

    I am not calling for a healing buff, for even if Wardens did 15% more healing, chloros are a better option due to the dps bonuses they bring. Instead I'd like to see the proc bug fixed, and then a 15% nerf to chloro healing across the board.

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