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Thread: So there is really no reason to use two-handers?

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    Default So there is really no reason to use two-handers?

    I'm about to start buying pvp gear. I don't see any reason to pick the warhammer over the mace & tome. Am I missing something or are two-handers just a waste now?

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    Right. There is actually more incentive to use the 1 hander, in case you ever want to use a tank spec with a PvP shield. You can't use a shield with the warhammer.

    Plus the warhammer looks like a damn frosted mini wheat on a stick. Not that the first 1 hander looks great either.
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    It looks like they really want you to smash regulos in his face ..... with your BOOK!

    I am absolutly no rp enthusiast, but this is just ...

    @Trion: please fix 2h Weapons or lower their prices. Nobody should mistake them for valuable weapons and waste their currency ...

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