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Thread: Shaman bugged?

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    Default Shaman bugged?

    I have tried shaman only recently (in pvp) and...

    frozen wrath propagated by maelstrom does 2-3 time the intended damage.

    I am enjoying 5k DPS in scion by going suscide rambo with 10 sec uptime every minutes.

    (tested on dummies aswell)

    But sceriously Trion, fix your game, and then balance your game.

    This + the healing bug, it starts to be too much IMO, (and for too long)

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    I believe it is due to the propegated Frozen Wrath to ignore 100% of the resist of the enemy.
    You might want to submit your bug in the appropriate thread at the top of the list! Elrar and Daglar seem to be consistently reading bugs posted in there.

    Have a good day, fellow Rifter!

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    this is from the same bug as the extra healing

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