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Thread: Guilty Pleasure builds

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    Default Guilty Pleasure builds

    So I unlocked my last soul slot today and, since I have all major roles slotted previously, started tinkering around with random builds that I just wanted to see. As a result, I came up with a few that I really, really liked. I mentioned this to a friend, who then proceeded to tell me that I've always done that, and most people think my builds are just plain weird regardless. Eccentric even.

    I can't help it, as this is my favorite part of RIFT.

    So then I got to thinking, am I the only one who runs a random, un-optimized build just for ****s'n'giggles?

    So here's my question to all you clerics: What is your guilty pleasure build?

    Mine is: http://rift.magelo.com/en/soultree#n...w/rkG22/DkF2h0

    I tick Thorns, Vex, Sanction, drop 2 Bolts of Judgement which brings my Convictions to 4 for a Hammer, which rounds out my 5 stacks of Unified Theory and I get a free Depravity to finish them off. Or let the satyr do it, as my DoTs wither down to the end.

    And for multi-pulls there's always Fae Step to get them all in one spot, then Soul Drain to smack them around.

    Obviously not an optimal AoE build ( what is, really, now that we have defiler / cabalist combos? ) but for ST this thing is just a blast. It's so off-the-wall, yet fits into a neat little rotation that involves zero macros.

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    I have long dreamed of an Inq/Druid.... Oh, to have a pet to do the dirty work while I pew pew from a distance...

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