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Thread: Cleric SL solo leveling Duracell or JustSeer?

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    Default Cleric SL solo leveling Duracell or JustSeer?

    Duracell has been working great so far.. only at 53...
    but JustSeer sounds fun....

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    So try it out for yourself

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    Defilist FTW!!

    Def 40/cab 36 or you could go cab 40/def 36/justi 0. As long as you grab beacon, scarred heart, husk of indifference, cardial conversion, and rampant growth from cabalist. Then grab disintegration from cabalist. Put all the rest into anything increasing your overall damage or adding to bound fate and/or tyranny of death.

    The defilist can easily handle up to 6 even level mobs (even more once you hit 60 and get backed by a little gear) the only limitation is the leash range on the mobs and weak single target. Just drop your beacon, tag mobs then ae them down, every once and a while you may want to drop loathsome restoration on your beacon to keep it alive and to put up husk of indifferance on you.
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    I used the Justiseer to level. It was okay but then again I am not a fan of playing pet classes. If you go that route, make sure you get the greater protector; he's a duracell in of himself.

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