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Thread: PVP healing souls with the Cleric?

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    Default PVP healing souls with the Cleric?

    Hey; just gonna preface by saying a few things.

    1) I am (was, at this point) a long-time WoW player with some on-and-off more or less before each expansion, from about half a year into vanilla onwards. Besides that, I've got tons of other games under my belt from subscribed games to freemium/free-to-play stuff out of our fine friends East-bound. Terminology, concepts and general implications won't go over my head so long as they're not Rift-specific (abbreviations for abilities, most likely). That said, I'm quite new to Rift itself.

    2) Most of my focus is on PVP while I'm playing Rift. It feels a lot more interesting and intuitive with the way classes are set up in this game. With this in mind, builds do not have to consider viability in PVE (though the two would probably go hand-in-hand).

    3) I do not have Storm Legion yet, and therefore I do not have access to those Souls. Whether or not I plan to get it is still up in the air. I would prefer builds suggested be done so without consideration of the Defiler in it.

    All that out of the way, my goal for my Cleric is to create a strong endgame healer with great flexibility and adaptability; right now (not even level 20, heh) I'm accomplishing that through the use of instant heals. However, I'm not sure how long they'll hold out, which Soul(s) I should be taking and which I should specialize in. As it stands I'm Purifier/_/Warden, with no real solid decision on what I should take in the middle. I'm currently on Sentinel for the extra instant burst heal.

    With the goal in mind to be an effective healer in PVP, what would be a solid build? I'm not sure how the mid- and endgame healing looks/wants to be, so any and all suggestions are welcome.

    Alternatively, I've seen PVP healing get a lot of flak on the forums; if it's truly just not worth it in the endgame, is it possible to be some sort of hybrid? I'm not too picky whether that becomes tank or DPS, but being capable of healing would be nice, as I can't imagine it gets completely useless if it's taken not as a build's main focus.

    Thanks in advance for any replies, and sorry if this is kind of a newbie/too general a question.

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    Default Try this build

    PvP healing right now is, more so than usual, all about the whack a mole. This build's focus is fast and powerful casted heals, with hots in support to cushion incomming damage between casts. Warden of course does very well with aoe healing, and well used Ripple will give you most of the aoe healing that you need.

    The build: http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=00...egzu0z0RRq.-11

    Get the expac. This build will round out much better if you have the other points to fill in the Warden tree with. All around, Cleric healing is in a good place. Not to good, not to bad. Burst is a mother right now though and rogues are out of control so be prepared to get hit early and often because all the world is filled with Marksman. Do your homework and look into the other classes. Healing in this game begins and ends with knowing what a particular adversary can do to you. Without extensive knowledge about class capabilities, and different builds and their strengths/weaknesses, you will find yourself behind the ball on a regular basis and not able to anticipate the movement of burst damage. I would be happy to rattle on and on if you would like more insights.
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