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Thread: Courage of the Bear - Is it working?

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    Default Courage of the Bear - Is it working?

    Hi All,

    I am not at my PC, nor will be for 3 more days; but wanted to post this now.

    Basically while tanking I have been experimenting with various allocations of those 15 points afting going 61 Justicar. While I gear up, i tried going 6 points in Shaman to get 'Courage of the Bear:: Incrwase Endurance by 5%'

    However, it does not appear to even increase indurance by 0.5 %
    Unfortunately, i have not tried this with absolutely nothing equipped, but with just gear and no other buffs, it does not do anything worth having.

    If it is supose to work against your base (naked/ungeared) endurance, so be it; but can the description be changed??
    I have so little base endurance, it is a skill i would never use if that was the case.

    But if it really is meant to work against your gear (pre-buffs) endurance, then i am looking at getting close to 200 endurance increase, which makes the talent worth while.

    Does anyone know how this should work?

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    It's working, and it's 5%.
    It's just additive with your other +x% endurance.

    So you have, with 61justicar:
    +91.5% with gift (61*1.5)
    +10% endurance with stronghold

    and with courage of the bear and armor of treachery (in inquisitor) You have 91.5+10+5+3, so you have 109.5% bonus endurance at total, and not 91.5*10*5*3.

    Personnaly with my fear it give me 1000hp.

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