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Thread: Is inqusitor a good pvp soul?

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    Default Is inqusitor a good pvp soul?

    Hi, i am new player and i am looking for pvp oriented soul. I would like to have class with some utility and ability to heal myself. Is inqusitor + some points in healing soul a vialable for pvp?

    I am currently playing rogue MM. Is has good dmg but when i get focus on me i am dying. Its not fun when you kill player and then die from dots.

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    Hybrids, at least for Clerics don't work that well (at lvl 60). This is because with the amount of damage going on, you need full healer to cope with it.

    However some possibilities are possible using 40+ defiler, with for example 36 in cab or 36 in inq. 51 defiler +cab or inq or even 61 defiler can be also considered hybrids, depending on how you play it. All these build allow good self heal, suffiscient if you are not focused (but very expensive in mana), and for example 36cab/40defiler has DPS not too far from full cab (40 defiler allows rage buff +20% damage, and another +20% death damage).

    Other possiblities are full druid, using the heal pet. Or warden, used in a offensive way. But they are not optimal IMO, and you would bring less to the table than for example full burst inq or full sent heal.

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    My current favorite way to heal in warfronts is druidicar using healer pet. No, it doesn't do quite as much healing as others (although it is quite competitive), but for whatever reason, both Justicar passive healing and Druid faerie healing aren't getting counted on the warfront tally. So no one marks you and you don't get focused. I bet I end up doing the MOST healing because i'm up way longer than that Warden with a big 1 above her head.

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    Inquisitor is great. Once you hit level 53, you can run my favorite Hybrid spec: 41 Inquisitor/28 Justicar. Lots of HP and passive defense, and Hammer of Duty hits like a truck (harder than the Inquisitor nuke Bolt of Depravity). If you want the spec, PM me.
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