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Thread: Primary gear stats for healing/dps questions

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    Default Primary gear stats for healing/dps questions

    I just came back to rift and never got into much healing before I left on my cleric. Could someone break down the gear stats for me?

    What should I be looking for on DPS gear?
    What should I be looking for on Healing gear?
    Pretty much just looking for what indicates a healing piece and what indicates a dps piece.
    What should I be sacrificing stat wise if I gain another stat on healing/dps gear?

    Thanks for any help. I know I sound like a noob but in the mean time Ive just been healing with a mixture of gear and have been doing fine. Just want to start learning what I should be picking up stat wise.

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    They are essentially the same gear now, healing tends to favor spellpower a bit more than spell crit since it gives you more consistent benefit. In both cases spellpower is worth more than spell crit, and wisdom is worth more than int.

    Intelligence gives 0.25 SP per point, wisdom gives 0.75 SP per point. Both give 0.5 spell crit per point.

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