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Thread: Cleric Tanking - Runes

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    Default Cleric Tanking - Runes

    Hello! I'm a cleric tank and have been tanking for a while now. I'm just curious as to what runes you guys are putting on your gear.

    At what point are you switching to full intelligence runes? Are you going to switch even if you're block capped?

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    Helmet: Icewatch wis rune
    Shoulders: 9end/9dodge
    Chest: 11 end
    Gloves: 15 crit (parry personally seems useless to me, it's so small) - the new Conquest rune is best though when you can spare the marks and favor (13 wis/useless veng)
    Belt: Mathos wis rune
    Legs: Dragonslayer wis rune
    Feet: Order of the Eye wis rune (not entirely sure whether this or the 11end/6sp is best [sp has little use, mainly cause of the endu])

    Weapon: 10wis
    Ranged: 10wis
    Shield: 9endu/19block (possibly pure 11 endu..)

    Basically, unless you hit the hard cap for block chance, wisdom > int. And that happens at just under 2k rating iirc, so it's a long way off yet for majority of people.
    The only runes I am not actually sure about, as mentioned above, are the boot rune (12wis/8end OR 11end/6sp) and the shield rune (11 endu OR 9endu/19block). I can't say for sure whether the 2-3 points of endu are better or worse than the extra block/wis. I'm sure someone better at the numbers can clarify.

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