After losing all faith in my class again I began trying now builds in hope to make a good blend of pure power to at the most snake some kb's (I have no shame) when I began to realize...every thing clashes.

My first thought was to vamp a new Shamicr with more inq but looking more into it every thing in inq builds on life and death based ability, while shaman builds on melee of course but air dmg, why a class that has no true elemental calling is using an element is beyond me, since it's air based and not life or death it really stands alone so I screeched that idea.

My next not so great idea "and I know I'm not alone on this one" was using the Druid soul with the shaman soul, was a great idea in theory 5 points in inq for increas crit with the crit from both melee soul's and two gap closers would equil fast moving death...only the death was for me, because earth and air dmg really don't complement each other...poor little fairy pet I love the so.

The only dos blend I can see is Cali with inq, but cabi doesn't complement Inq enough to give it a better value even just icar grows only with in it's self increasing i
Only healing with in that soul and like many increasing only dmg with in that soul.

We as clerics have no base for our dps souls their for their will never be any more then what they are as stand alone soul's, or healing on the other hand blinds perfectly, if only they would undo some of what's been done to it.