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Thread: Returning Cleric - Looking for some tips =]

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    Default Returning Cleric - Looking for some tips =]

    I stopped playing last year shortly before HK was released. Had completed GSB and RoS and have mostly gear/relics from there (or PvP gear that was equivalent).

    In experts with friends I knew were decent I used Shamicar (third soul inq) to heal, also used this in raids when I wasn't tank healing and we needed a bi more heals and DPS, with weaker players in experts I used a 34sent/32puri spec. Used Senticar for dedicated AoE healing in raids. DPS I have a Shaman/Druid spec. Also used a Puri spec mainly for Lord Greenscale.

    Now, it looks like for the newest raid 51 Puri is the way to go if I want to be a MT healer. My question is for the T1/T2 raids what are preferred ST heal specs? How much has it changed?

    I'm really just not sure where to start for gear upgrades either. I had the best Essences in my focus (for PvE at least), but I see there are higher tier essences now. I know nothing about seals or synergy crystals.

    Just looking for some advice on the current MT healing spec (or if they are close enough that it doesn't matter), and what I should be doing currently for gear upgrades. Are the best upgrades trying to get better essences? Getting a seal? A synergy crystal?

    If there is a thread I missed that covers any of this, I apologize and would appreciate a link.

    Thanks for the help in advance =]

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    51 puri is only needed on a few particular encounters where tanks are taking heavy hits, but for the rest all common builds are fine.

    For T1/T2 it really depends on the tank, but except for fresh 50 people badly outgear the content, so you usually heal with hybrid specs (whatever dps soul + 11+ justicar).

    As for the gear, there are new essences from events, so you probably want to get some. It's too late for the fire ones, but there is a life based world event occuring at the moment.

    You should also get a seal. It's crafted and there are very cheap ones, altough the best one isn't that expensive. They gives you +33 in one stat, and you can put on augment and a rune on it. You should get a wisdon one to begin with, then an intel one especially if you want to dps.

    Synergy cristals are a huge boost as well, so get one for the soul you use the most (You'll probably want at least Sentinel / Puri / Inqui). You need 4 * T4/T5 to have the full benefit of it though. You also have T3 (and T2 for that matter) cristals, which are lower versions.
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