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Thread: New Pet for Druid 40 points, 31-40 ideas, and 52-61 root ideas

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    Default New Pet for Druid 40 points, 31-40 ideas, and 52-61 root ideas

    So with the new expansion coming, and the level cap going up, the trees will also be getting advancements past the 30 point ability.

    well for Druid I would like to see a new 31-40 point pet. Something that does the role of DPS/CC
    or Support/CC.

    Would be nice to have a melee pet that has advanced CC abilities and debuffs.

    or a ranged support Pet that has a CC.
    maybe even a combo of both.

    but also for Faerie, I would like a new ability for her. a shield or AoE heal cast. some kind of added utility.

    Satyr should get some kind of support/defensive utility ability to help keep the cleric alive. Because its easy to ignore the Satyr in PvP and simply kill down the cleric instead. Maybe some cool abilities like Early WoTLK WoW's Death Knight Ghoul.

    also for damage would like a melee attack that can heal allies. Or an attack that causes the enemy to heal nearby allies whenever they attack. some group utility.

    oh yeah, and bring back Stoneburst, but as a snare aura or something that roots every 3 seconds or something like that. maybe a knockdown/ interrupt would be better.

    A root idea for 61 would be something that allow us to summon multiple pets at once. Maybe something like Death Knights in WoW. That was always cool to use.

    also would like some kind of group heal, and a shape shifting form that could temporary change your abilities like Warlock in WoW. would be awesome.

    Lets Go Rift. Hope Archeage can do something next. Lets Save Rift

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    Admittedly I have recently returned to the game so my limited experience so far could be incorrect, but my general feeling on druid is that it really lacks synergy with other souls and lacks a very clear purpose. The additional (or modification to) the instant, long-range earth damage abilities is nice but there is absolutely no synergy within the soul towards using them. Sure, I suppose it means you can pull out your faerie, back out to range and have abilities to rotate through at range, but they do little damage and while in PvP they have nice utility the lack of synergy with other souls generally leads to a weakness on the part of the druid.

    I like some of your ideas, and they would add a lot to the class, but I think that fundamentally what the druid is missing is synergy within the soul. However, an alternative - as you have described - would be to vastly increase the general utility of the druid. This is certainly an option. Make it into basically a support role that uses a pet for damage or healing support, plus has a bunch of abilities that confer benefits to the group, both through debuff and buffing. But I don't know if Trion would do this, since I'm not sure they want us to have a true support soul. You are right on that lack of survivability is a major issue in PvP - both for pet, and master.

    Perhaps a buff from pets using different abilities that buffs different types of attacks for the druid... such that there is encouragement on the part of the druid to have his or her pet active in combat not just for damage or healing, but also because the pet directly benefits the druid. I realize this could be problematic in PvP or some PvE encounters where pets can explode instantly, but I think it would help synergize the soul with itself - and possibly with other souls. Alternatively, druid having a buff to elemental damage (non-holy, non-death, non-physical) would also increase its synergy, but that would make sense as a buff the pet applies.
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