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Thread: Help on stats, and stat selection.

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    Default Help on stats, and stat selection.

    Hey people, got a question to ask. It's probably been asked before but couldn't find it on the first 2 pages of forum.

    Is there a cap of any kind (soft or hard?) on +spellcrit.
    I have a cleric. It's main role is DPS, but does raid healing & other healing. So far he has 25.06% Spellcrit, and i want to know if I should continue to pour spellcrit into him, or should i consider going down a more +wisdom & Spellpower focus?


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    The soft cap for crit chance is 1187 crit rating. % chance is irrelevant, only rating matters.

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    IMO go for the sp. If you use something like Bowlerhat's spreadsheet ou can choice to balance or go more for sp. SP is your main stat though for almost all specs - most ppl go for for either 1sp:2.5crit or 1:3.5 ish.

    There is an argument for crit in Shaman and BnJ specs to proc Jolt, and also for icar specs. However getting crit capped is pretty hard for clerics.

    With your stats I would probably go for a balanced (2.5crit to 1 sp) approach.


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