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Thread: Is this normal???

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    Default Is this normal???

    (Didn't know which section to post this in)

    I logged on this morning to try the 1.9 Mentoring update,

    Normally in tank spec at level 50 I get around 18k Self-buffed

    When i go right down to level 10, i have 700 and MoL doesn't seem to affect this?

    Possible bug? or is this supposed to happen.

    Just wanted some clarification on the subject :-)

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    I haven't quite worked out the mechanics involved in this "de-levelling" process. It could be an issue with low levels and buffs you aren't meant to have yet. Check out changes with other higher level buffs and see if those still have their effect and if they do then it will likely be a bug...pass it on to developers and hope for a quick fix.

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