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Thread: deglassify or just waste of time

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    Default deglassify or just waste of time

    Would this work? or is there some variation of this that'd work?

    I'm just tired of being a glass cannon in pvp Would the vex + healing current + glory of chosen be enough to deglassify me? and ofc there's the various cc and double knock back.

    Tried out a few times in bgs and seemed okish (though think the foes were a little behind on the gear grind) but would rather not waste too much time on something that might turn out to be a frustrating dead end.


    34 shaman 28 inquis 4 warden

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    5/5 Life and Death Concord and Symbol of Coruption, but 0/5 Castigation. It's just for SH ?

    Seems like you want to play melee with Massive Blow ? Going melee if the worst thing you can do to survive.

    No Fanaticism nor Rage of the North, but you pick Bewilder ?

    I'm just not sure what you're trying to do here.

    Healing Breath is certainly better than Healing Current.

    Best way to "deglassify" is to put some points in justicar mitigation. I tried 12sham/20+Justi/rest Inqui some day it wasn't bad, Glory of the Choosen is really nice.

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