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Thread: Cleric ID gear & spell crit.

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    Default Cleric ID gear & spell crit.

    As we all know the cleric ID gear is very lacking with spell crit. If you went from a full HK set of armor to a full ID set, would the Bolt N Jolt & 51 sham. specs still be good? Im starting to upgrade to ID gear now and just seeing a huge spell crit loss. I know you dont get a much "bang for your buck" with spell crit vs spell power after like 1.1k (40%ish) crit. With losing so much spell crit should you change all your SP runes to SC runes? Wanted to ask the opinions of the cleric community. Thanks.

    Here is what your gaining & losing when you change from HK to ID gear.

    HK chest to ID chest (Non relic)
    Int. +7
    Wis. +6
    End. +6
    SP. +11
    SC. -19

    HK Leggs to ID leggs (Non relic)
    Int. +6
    Wis. +6
    End. +4
    SP. +8
    SC -6

    HK Boots to ID Boots (Non relic)
    Int. +5
    Wis. +2
    End. +6
    SP. +11
    SC. -15

    Edit: My main roll/spec is a healer. So how does this effect healing & DPS? Im assuming the big spell power boost is good for healing but the losing so much crit is bad for the cleric dps?
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    Spell Power has always been the best stat for healing. As long as you are keeping your crit above 900 you should not have a problem with landing crit heals. A large portion of your crit can come from PA's if you find yourself lacking.

    Dps is where you want to make sure you are maximizing your crit and your sp to the best of your ability...healing is okay to stack more sp...many people use a 1 to 2 ratio for sp to crit. 1 sp out weighs 2 crit. so if you have a 10 sp upgrade and you only lose 10 crit...you are good. The 10sp is better to have for healing then the 10 crit.
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