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Thread: Leveling Spec Advice?

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    Default Leveling Spec Advice?

    Hey there, just rerolling a cleric, currently 17 but will level quickly. Was wondering between which of the icar specs would be better suited for leveling. One on One doesn't work well for me, I get bored, far too easy. So between Shamicar, Inquisicar and Cabalicar, which do you think would be the best choice for leveling quickly?

    Thanks for your advice!


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    Shamicar or Inquisicar perform the same while leveling, it just depends on what distance you want to work from. I CAN tell you shamicar pulls way ahead for metagame farming. Inquisicar works better in the PvP metagame, however, as Shaman is horrible in a AoE rich PvP environment with lots of valor slung around.

    I personally leveled as full Inq, but that was 1.2, so -icar is the best choice these days.
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