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Thread: Healer

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    Default Healer

    Hi all,

    Recently back to the game and I'm looking for a good PvP Healer build for lvl 50 content. I prefer ranged, but if melee is just plain better, then thats fine too.

    I'm in what use to be Rank 4 PvP gear.

    Thx kindly for any help

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    You might want to look into Senticar. Your big heal, Doctrine of Loyalty, will require you to generate convictions so you'll have to be within range to toss out some instants, otherwise you'll have plenty of tools from Sentinel to help heal yourself and your team.

    I use this along with a variation of Sent/Ward although I usually only use it if I'm in Whitefall want to try to steal stones or run them.

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    ^pretty much this.

    Senticar has DoL when you are in range for conviction builders, Healing Communion spam for when you are out of convictions and the group is being hammered. HI and Healer's Covenant for Focus targets and a AoE cleanse to blow on CD.

    Plus its always fun to snipe enough kills to get a rampage as a healer XD.

    I will advise you to try a higher Justi variant of Senticar until you get a PvP core done. Healers draw a ton of fire, so going high enough to grab the damage reducing talents and Light makes Right will ensure you pump out enough heals before that magic number appears over you.
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