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Thread: Getting snap aggro as 51 Justicar?

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    Default Getting snap aggro as 51 Justicar?

    I recently started tanking using a 51 Justicar build. For the most part, i do OK by spamming my convictions, even justice, precept, and using DoL, but my problem is getting sole threat in large packs when either the healer starts in early or dps starts in early.

    Any suggestions for that besides telling everyone to give me two full seconds?

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    Typically if you open with BoR(giving you 1 or 2 convictions) and pop a DoL right as it lands, then spam EJ when you get them gathered, you'll keep aggro. If this isn't sufficient I'd recommend using the aoe taunt when it's up.

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    we have immense snap aggro so the only thing i could imagine is your face pulling while a healer is healing you.

    without a charge or a sgts order type skill just running in and using melee skills tends to be messy.

    i suggest from range (20-25meters out) casting a ranged projectile such as bolt of judgement then running in and casting bolt of radiance and then sanction heretic on the run in. they will all hit clost to the same time and you should be in melee range at this point so go to town with even justice.

    pulling like this will basically glue all the mobs to you and if you do the same with bosses dps can go nuts right off the get go as well.
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    I don't tank much more than OT once in a while, and in experts every once in a while . . . so what I do is run 51 Just 10 Warden, 5 sent . . . I pre-HOT myself, Fire a bolt and DoL on my way in . . .

    I don't think I've lost a mob yet.

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