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Thread: What do you think about these tanking trees?

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    Default What do you think about these tanking trees?

    What do you think about these tanking raid trees? Which one is better? And what should I change to make better or what I made total awful?

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    If you looking for a raid tanking build then you should concentrate on max mitigation as making it easier for the healers is better than you trying to heal yourself. Therefore its generally advised to have 51 justicar/3shamen as you base build and from there you can go for either Cabalist, Purifier, Inquisitor or Druid as your third soul.

    In brief:
    -Purifier generally gives the largest armour boost. Also can provide a cleanse, a small wisdom increase and a self shield.
    -Inquisitor gives a health and armour boost (less than purifier and druid). Also can provide a Purge.
    -Cabalist gives improved spell resistance (excluding life and death damage).
    -Druid gives the largest boost to health. Also provide a weak self shield and a little baby pet fairy.

    The utilities can vary depending on the number of points you put into your third soul.
    I'd suggest testing them out in different situations to see which ones you prefer to use and where to use them.

    Hope this was helpful,

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    12 warden can also work at a raid imho and is quite possibly unbeatable when it comes to threat due a beefier DOL and to healing flood which allows you to precharge before you pull or mobs spawn. I used it in GSB recently for instance on Oracle, and usually the whole raid would have to wait at the start, but loading up healing flood, bang, no problem.
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