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Thread: Fae Step "tweak"

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    Default Fae Step "tweak"

    Please Please can you change Fae Step from:

    "Teleport to the enemy" to "Teleport to target"

    This little change would really add an extra tactical spin to Fae step being able to use it as an engaing move but also escpae which will have many uses in PvP and PvE such as...

    PvP: teleport to a friendly player escaping a melee class.

    PvE: teleport to a friendly target to quickly be able to avoid stand in fire mechanics.

    This abilty is very different to normal "charge" spells being a teleport which isnt necessarily an attacking move (compared to charging at the enemy). Plus most other classes get a snare with their charge which is often lower down in the tree. I dont think all spells should be identicle but dont see any reason why we could have this little "perk" with our charge ability.
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    If you have yourself or nothing targetted it moves you forward 20m.

    I would prefer that over what you suggest, but I seriously doubt it will be happening champ, presicely because it would add what may be seen as too much functionality.

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    Or they could make Druids less flimsy than a wet sack so when they reach the "enemy" the enemy doesn't LOL and brostorm them into confetti.

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