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Thread: PVE 34/32 druid/shaman?

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    Default PVE 34/32 druid/shaman?

    51 druid has good dps and so does the 51 shaman.

    http://rift.zam.com/en/stc.html?t=10... Druid (34)</a

    By trying to keep 3 stacks of Brutalize up. I think this could get good dps

    you get the Satyr pet

    Mien of aggression
    crag hammer
    one vengeance
    courage of eagle

    with a st macro

    Cast massive blow
    cast jolt
    cast fated blow
    cast combine effort
    cast eruption of life
    cast crushing blow
    cast bombard
    cast trickster spirit
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    I remember using something similar to this a long while ago. I think that fervent strike should be used over crushing blow (Horrible RNG with Brutillize) and that you should also use lightning hammer. Also i don't think you will need endless winter as you have ageless ice so putting that point into rage of the north could give good burst dps.
    I would also say that I don't think this build will be breaking any new ground from my previous experiences with it.
    However I think I might try something like 45/21 and see if it can compare to the 51's.

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    Fugley spec but I hope it's fun.

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