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Thread: Cleric Melee dps, any good?

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    Default Cleric Melee dps, any good?

    Just wondering if I should bother levelling a melee cleric if im wanting to DPS, I find them fun but all i've heard is bad things about them, and I have a mage higher level, should I just stick to my mage or go with the Cleric? thanks a lot.

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    If you want to be accepted as a melee dps in pvp and pve, go warrior or rogue, this is their domain. We do good for ourselves if played right (joltnbolt) and we are great support ( shamicar,druidicar ). But it is easier to break the dps meter with a Warrior or Rogue and not be told to go healing in pvp since you cant.

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    I am a melee cleric. Both shaman built light and bursty, and a sturdy heavy get in there and rumble justicar.

    I have fun with both.
    my shaman (dispite being speced for pvp) is very competitive in pve damage.
    I not only have fun with it, but if you are new you can macro the shaman to one button. heehee
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