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Thread: pre-raid healing cleric gear question

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    Default pre-raid healing cleric gear question

    so I've b een looking on some BiS lists and it appears that the mage t2 gear is ranked higher than the cleric t2 dungeon gear. i'm not sure if the guide is outdated or what but is mage gear really better than cleric gear for healing?? (at least at the T2 level). I thought it'd be better to gear up with the priority of Wisdom over Int. Btw my healing specs are full warden, sent/puri, and a senticar spec (if it matters)

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    Sounds like old information dating back to when serendipity was crit dependant. From a healing perspective you should definitely value Wiz > Int. However its a little more complex than this.

    When considering one of these peices of gear try to convert the stats into SP/SC and then make your decision based from that. Just because a peice of gear has high int doesn't mean its worse than a peice with high Wiz for example, if the item has a high SP mod on it.
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    Wis gives you mana as well ^^

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