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Thread: Spellcrit? I'm confused.

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    Default Spellcrit? I'm confused.


    I am confused:
    When will the cleric has reached his crit? And the crit values ​​for the different roles require a different approach?

    If you prefer to first reach the crit value, and then go on spell power?

    I thought I had read that changing the different roles at different values ​​of their ratios from spellcrit to spellpower.

    Thank you in advance!
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    spell power is most important for us pretty much all the time.

    value spell power at between 2-3 to 1 versus spell crit. so if something is going to give you 12 crit but only 2spell power it is likely a good upgrade, but if something is going to give you 6 spell crit but cost you 6 spell power it is likely not a good upgrade.

    shaman dps specs tend to value spell crit higher, but heals and inquis specs all can pretty much just treat any increase in spell power as an upgrade if you don't give up focus (as a dps or senticar)
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    The soft cap for spell crit (sc) is 45% which comes in at about 1127 sc fully buffed*. In Shaman it's slightly different as there's what is known as a "double dip" from raid buffs. It's not a true double dip though so don't get too excited.

    * Fully buffed includes self buffs, spec buffs and full raid buffs (from Bard and Archon) after the soft cap you begin to get diminishing returns on the crit that you stack, making it's value decrease.

    Some specs rely more heavily on crit than others. For example purifier is almost entirely about sp, whereas some icar and shaman builds require a certain level of crit to make them optimal.

    Generally ppl do not aim to stack crit at the expense of sp. A ratio of about 1sp:2.5sc is considered balanced. here are a couple of links that give some flexibility and guidance for gear itemisation:



    They are both excellent, up to date sources, and allow for heavier or lighter sp:ratio as required.

    I hope that's helpful.

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