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Thread: LF 51 druid pvp guide

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    Default LF 51 druid pvp guide

    Looking for a good 51 pvp druid guide, I hear they are doing good dmg and hard to kill : )

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    Personally i been using 51druid/12shaman/3sent
    You could try 15shaman/0sent to get extra 3% metigation but I like the etxra closer from sent.
    In WF's I'm almost always using my fairy to heal. It's a really fun spec to play just takes a bit of timing getting used to specially if you dont melee. Great suvivability with 2 bubbles, and 3 great cooldowns to use. I also macrod the 3 debuffs together. Dont expect to do insane dps or insane heals, but you will be close to top of charts just cause you will end up doing a decent amount of both.
    Just gotta know when to back out of melee and find your healers when needed. Fun spec, personally i think it could use either a snare or a purge but other then that lots of fun.

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