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Thread: Everflowing soulstone greater essence for wardens... buy something else instead.

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    Default Everflowing soulstone greater essence for wardens... buy something else instead.

    I kind of felt ripped off spending 50 inscribed on this essence. The proc was frustratingly random. I wound up replacing it with the new world event ingot/iss lesser. Such a shame.

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    Most of the Soul specific greater essences are garbage. Specifically because they are procs - and bad procs at that. The only Cleric greater essence I've found useful is the Purifier one, and I haven't used it more or less since walking into HK (where you want resist machines, and resist trumps the tiny shield boost).
    In case you've considered it, the Inquisitor essence is a proc too. And a horrible proc based off another horrible proc. Last time I looked into it, I found that its uptime was abysmally low.
    The Druid essence ... might ... be worth it. If Druid were a support (or viable) soul that lived entirely around generating ticks of life damage. But then again, you'd probably be better off with just another stat block by the time you've got any set bonus.

    This is not a problem specific to Clerics. I don't think I've ever seen a Warrior (much less one with a clue) use any of theirs. Rogues use the Ranger essence; practically on requirement if they're ranged. Sometimes someone will use a Marksman essence, but its a trend that's died off (for a reason).
    About half of the Mage greater essences have mechanical potential... but only in fresh 50 gear. The bonuses are low enough that a normal essence costing 100 iss (or even 50 for some essences) will equal or beat the mage essences. For the essences offering extra damage, the amount pales in comparison to what you're already doing even with only Raid 1 gear.

    These essences might be better if you could use them at say ... level 30. Where those boosts would be impressive to astounding.

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    The only ones worth their beans are the druid one, the purifier one, and the shaman one

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