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Thread: Weapon procs and weapon switching

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    At what point does a proc on a weapon outweigh the stats?


    Gilded Maul vs Hookmaster's bloody pylon (with proc)

    pylon has slightly fewer stats but proc.


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    Some good feedback so far, summary of potential issues:

    1. Weapon DPS loss in Shaman specs
    Not sure of a solution to this, maybe just isn't a viable option in Shaman specs

    2. RNG of the proc and maintenance the proc resulting in a DPS loss
    This could be a problem due to the proc rate of APB. When the proc is up, APB is superior to my other weapon combinations (this will not apply to everybody). However when it drops you lose DPS during the time it takes to get the proc back up. Maybe try switching once the proc is at 5-7 seconds remaining to try and get it back up before it runs out, rather than letting it run to zero?

    3. Lag generated by weapon switch macros resulting in lost GCDs
    Could this be a user end problem? I notice some macros lag my laptop that have no effect on my main desktop machine. Maybe use separate macros that only weapon switch. My idea was to map them to buttons on my mouse and maybe use a separate addon to track the proc.

    4. Too complicated to be viable/worth it
    Can't really solve this. Macros and addons could simplify this if an effective method of maintaining the proc can be found.

    5. PA distribution
    This will vary depending on how many PA leves you have and how you distribute them. I personally only have 200 (I know others have more than double this) and haven't really theory crafted the PA stuff. Only napkin math so far.

    I haven't had time to test it myself. The idea popped into my head and I thought it was worth discussing. Whether or not this is an exploit or "creative gameplay" I don't know. I guess that is for Trion to decide!
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