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Thread: What I want from Druid Tree (if we dont get burst damage)

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    Default What I want from Druid Tree (if we dont get burst damage)

    If we dont get buffs to our Burst Damage-

    I would like Trion to look into adding more utility & Defense to the druid, (if we dont get buffs in our Burst damage)

    *) More Faerie Healing - Damage to Heal conversion, as well as Faerie attacks automatically heal Druid for percentage of the damage done.

    *) Satyr Attacks should have powerful Utility debuffs similar that are unique, but as powerful as Druid Spirits.

    *) Satyr gets a passive Heal from melee damage, which heals the Druid and Satyr.

    *)Satyr's crits add a stacking buff to the druid which increases the Druid's armor. after 5th stack, the buff erupts and heals nearby ally and restore mana of nearby ally as well.

    *) Druid tree get a Root/Tree effect which increase the effect of our Spirits (based on the number of points spent in the tree) so it can scale.

    *) Druid gets a way to summon both Satyr and Greater Faerie at the same time, for added Defense and support.

    *) Druid Root gives them a stacking buff every time they melee or attack, with each stack increasing the amount healed by Balm of the Woods and chance for it to critically hit on a single target. on the 5th stack, the Heal changes into a Chain Heal, which heals a ally, and jumps to 2 other allies.

    *) Stone Burst also interrupts spell cast.

    *) Wild Strike - Heals nearby ally % of damage from it.

    *)Shield of Oak - also increase armor while active, But each time you are hit by a physical attack, you heal 3 nearby allies. If hit by a non physical attack, you restore Mana and Energy of 3 nearby ally.

    *) Greater Faerie gets a Magical Shield spell, which she can cast on ally to absorb damage. as well as heal ally when they take damage.

    *)Thorns of Asphodel gets an additional bonus effect to also heals the Druid and Druid pet a percentage of the damage done by pets.

    *) Hidden Path- when it consumes the debuffs on the Druid, it heals or increase damage reduction from attacks for a short duration for each debuff removed.

    *) new 51 point root.
    Leap of the Black Panther
    45 Mana
    Cooldown: 35.00 Seconds
    Requires Melee Weapon
    Range: 3-25 meters

    Leap through the air like a Black Panther, slam down on all enemies within 5 yards of the target area, causing weapon plus 54 to 58 Earth Damage and stunning them for 2 sec and increases your chance to dodge attacks by 20% each dodge reducing the chance to dodge by 5%.
    *) New spell -
    Bear Hug
    60 second cooldown
    Channeled spell 7 seconds.

    while channeled, the druid disables all movement and abilities of the enemy while channeled, and causes weapon plus earth damage per second.
    *)new root spell
    5 minute cooldown
    restore druid back to life with 20% health and mana for 25 seconds as a Trent.
    Trent has 6 abilities.
    1)Trent has a aura effect, which heals nearby allies over 12 seconds while reducing movement speed of nearby enemies.
    2)Consume Trent form which instantly heals 5 nearby ally.
    3)Terrifying Woods- Fear the target for 5 seconds.
    4)Nature's Hand - 1.5 second Heal spell.
    5) Entanglement- pulls enemy target to druid location and rooting it for 2 seconds.
    6) Termite Branch - Strike the target for weapon damage as earth damage, and sunders target's armor for 10 seconds. deals 200% of the damage over 10 seconds as earth damage.
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    Lets Go Rift. Hope Archeage can do something next. Lets Save Rift

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    Wtf is a druid, I've never seen that soul before.

    Seriously tho, I gotta give you credit: you certainly are devoted to the druid soul. I just wouldn't get your hopes up.

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    i don't care about PvP changes, WTB PvE dps viability

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