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Thread: A humble request regarding Shaman's Brutalize

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    Default A humble request regarding Shaman's Brutalize

    As many of you know, no matter how perfectly you execute your rotation, Brutalize falls off. A lot. I'm proposing that the dot be lengthened to the same cooldown as Massive Blow or slightly longer to account for GCDs. Obviously, the dot's damage would be spread over that new duration rather than being increased with the new duration.

    Even with the Shaman 4 set from HK, I can't keep Brutalize up at 3 stacks for very long. I've tried weaving Sanction Heretic. I've tried it without. I've tried leaving it in the macro. I've done it with no macro. I've tried everything. Was this intended? Isn't melee penalized enough by simply being melee and losing dps time when moving away from mechanics? Why should it suffer from the RNG gods as well?

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    I feel that shaman need 2 things to be more reliable, and really competitive:
    1- Add brutalize to strike of the maelstrom, make brutalize an air dot
    It'll be a little upgrade to the brutalize damage, and will give an option to maintain brutalize if long memory doesn't proc, with the cost of a bad dot (StoM hitting weakly)
    2- Make a 40 + skill talent which will reduce the gcd to 1.25, 1 sec gcd feel a bit too much for me

    We'll still lose dps if the fight isn't melee friendly, but at least we'll have an option about brutalize
    I had bad rng yesterday on plutonus (yeah I know, but 1.7 came after hk for Eu) and brutalize fell off 3 times, making shaman a bit worse than inquisitor

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    I think a better solution would be for MB & LM to work like BoD and L&DC. Give LM a much higher proc chance and some sort of ICD.

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    I've already suggested these changes elsewhere but might as well post em here, too. They are both quite simple changes and will somewhat mitigate RNG factors with shaman dps.

    1. Include lightning hammer in long memory
    2. fix the 4 piece set bonus of the raid 2 shaman crystal

    These fixes will server to both slightly increase shaman dps as well as mitigate the rng nature of the rotation.
    The side effect is that the rotation would be more simple (not necessarily a good thing) but since you wouldn't have to gamble with quick decisions on whether to use crushing blow or lightning hammer while being subject to huge randomness, I think the change is warranted.
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