Hi. I'm a PvP healer. I take on average, about 180k-250k damage per WF depending on competency of my group v. competency of the opponents.

I hate healing. I loathe it with every fiber of my being. I do it because it needs to be done and at least, i am able to remotely keep myself up due to a few factors, namely, my pvp soul, which i have in every pvp heal build i have. Its one of the few things that can effectively keep me alive without destroying my healing potential, since it gives me the ability to keep mobile, something i, and many, fine of value.

That is now gone.


In place you gave us a PvP PA, gutted a few pieces of crap from our soul, and gave away many of the advantageous skill to everyone, in a nerfed form.


Now, i see that you -nerfed- the nerfs.

Not to mention, you nerfed our armour by 8% in pvp. Which makes us sitting ducks to classes that have 25% armour penetration.

Then it was stated that some mage nerfs are being partially undone.

Plus we still have the usual specs that makes healing either a complete chore, and/or have an extremely high chance of killing us. Which isnt bad, but, when there are 3.5 classes and countless specs that can get through any natural abilities we have, and whatever is left, completely useless due to the burst and swift attacks.

Im wondering it Trion gave any thought to the consequences of having the only viable healer, become even more stressful?
Are there any ideas in the making to make healers, the ultimate target, not blow up at a whim?

I have a few suggestions:

Touch of the Fae: Increase endurance by 10%
Thick Skinned: Decrease damage by 6%
Switch vengeful justice with devout deflection
Allow Shield of Ancestor to shield 300% of ones wisdom. (i like this one)

3 out of these will give heals an option to forgo a reasonable amount of heal strength for desperately needed survivability, especially with the upcoming patch.