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    Default 51 Cabalist

    Is this still valuable at 50 for pve? I really enjoy the play style, but if it does little dps i would probably use it just for aoe packs. Can it do a good amount of damage on raid bosses? I don't have a 50 yet but i am working on it and I want to be wanted in raids as a dps. So is this a good spec or should i respec inquisitor now

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    51 Cabby is for aoe fights to kill off the adds (i.e. Matron/Zlias in HK come to mind). For your single target DPS 51 inq is still your best bet for now (1.7 might/not) change this.

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    I don't recommend using it on fights that are heavy single target, as Cabalist single target is terribad.

    Here is a guide that I put together on my guild forums:

    Cabalist - aoe

    This soul is much more aoe heavy than the inquisitor.

    The build - >>>>>>>Here<<<<<<<

    Obliterate macro
    #show obliterate
    cast obliterate
    cast bolt of judgment
    cast waterjet
    #show curse of discord
    cast curse of discord
    cast dark water
    cast sanction heretic
    cast distorted shadows
    cast bolt of judgment
    cast waterjet
    Aoe macro:
    #show bound fate
    cast bound fate
    cast shadow's touch
    CC macro:
    #show sigil of ruin
    cast sigil of ruin
    cast sigil of secrecy
    cast sigil of binding
    Suggested bar setup:
    1- obliterate macro
    2- Dots/spam macro
    3- aoe macro
    4- tyranny
    5- Soul Drain
    6- CC macro

    1 target rotation:

    Use Obliterate every time its ready, then cast DoT's macro till you spam Bolt of judgment. Spam til Obliterate is up, repeat.

    2 targets rotation:

    If you have Soul Drain, use that. and then use Obliterate and spam Aoe macro.

    Aoe rotation (3 or more targets only):
    Use tyranny and then spam aoe macro twice.


    If you have soul drain, use tyranny, then soul drain if its ready, then 1 aoe macro. Should have 2 decays by then, 3rd decay should be ready as you click tyranny. Some times you need to wait 0.3 seconds before you click tyranny.

    CURSE OF SOLITUDE: Only ever use this if there are 5+ adds or else its a dps loss. If there is a known add phase, use it just prior to the adds reaching the target you put it on.

    SIGN OF ASIAS: If there is a known add phases, save it for those moments. If the fight has constant adds, try and wait for peak amounts at a time and just use it when ever its ready.
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