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Thread: Cleric DPS and modifiers question

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    Default Cleric DPS and modifiers question

    Hello, i would like to ask the math people how does dmg get calculated exactly?

    Spell power - 2000
    Ability - Bolt of Judgment
    Modifiers ( 10% Armor of Awakening + 25% Mien of Aggression + 15% Corporal punishment)

    How can i calculate the exact damage my normal hits will do? and how do i calculate the crit damage with (20% from sentinel and 20% from inquisitor)
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    More or less spells are calculated like the following AFAIK:

    [(base damage of the ability listed) + (spell power coefficients)*(unique SP modifiers)]*[all additive multipliers to damage]

    For true expected value you would then multiply the above by your crit rate and crit damage using
    [Damage]*(1-crit rate)*1+[Damage]*(crit rate)*(1+ crit mods)

    For example say Vex does 500 damage base with a 0.5 SP coefficient and you have AoA, MoA, and CP with a 50% crit chance for double damage

    (500+0.5*2000)*(1+.1+.25+.15) then the crit: *[(.5)*1+.5*2)]
    2250 before crit, 3375 after account for crit rate.

    Note that much of the damage is on a sliding range of like 495-505 so your non-crit per hit damage will vary slightly.

    Off hand not sure the base BoJ damage and SP coefficient, but you would just look those up and plug and chug.

    Also take into account any magical debuffs that increase the damage you would be dealing to the target.

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