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Thread: Newish player looking for Cleric builds.

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    Default Newish player looking for Cleric builds.

    Hi all. I am returning to the game (bought it at launch but didnt play past the free month sub).

    I had been playing with a few cleric builds but didnt get too high (level 20 or so).

    Is warden still the best group healer? is Justicar the best levelling cleric?
    With those questions in mind could someone please recommend a decent tankish/levelling cleric build and a dungeon/6 man healing build?

    I like the idea of staying mainly pure 51/?/? rather than 32/?/? split builds.

    Thanks in advance.

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    If I was levelling my cleric again I would use Duracell. Loved that spec, just loved it.

    After dinging 50 I would go 51 Shaman for 5/10 man dps. 51 Inquisitor for 20 man content. Purisent for tank healing and either Inquisicar or Senticar for raid heals. Solo on EI - Shamicar. PVP MASH spec.

    Interested to see what others think...

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