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Thread: Returning Cleric Needs Help Please

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    Default Returning Cleric Needs Help Please

    Hey guys,

    So yea basically I played Rift for a few months back when it first released but due to work I had to go away for 7 months. I'm back now and wanna get straight back into Rift!

    I left at lvl49.5, and I have been trying to read up on builds and direction, and content but so many updates have left me out of the loop!

    I found a link to a Duracell build? But then was told its no good for end game content? And being only half a bar away from lvl50 I dunno if I should use it.

    I wanna go Melee DPS, but also be raid and group viable. Some said that Duracell build was great for AoE grinding, but sucked end game, other say its awesome I say wtf?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated by a returning Rift vet

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    Duracell doesn't suck but, but 44shaman/22justicar is better for straight up aoe grinding. What do you mean by endgame? There's several kinds of endgame in rift. For raiding/5mans, yes, duracell is terrible. If you're in 5mans/raids and you want to melee dps, 51shaman/6inquisitor/4justicar is your best bet. 51druid might be better until you get better gear because it doesn't scale at all, though.

    If your healer sucks in 5mans, have a 51shaman/15justicar or 51inquisitor/11justicar/4x for group healing.
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    Duracell works fine pre-Ember Isle. On Ember isle with large amount of mobs you might have some trouble to get soul drain off. 44 Shaman/22 Justicar works a bit better and you don't have to worry about keeping Vexx on mobs.

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