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Thread: A Few Shaman Ideas

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    Default A Few Shaman Ideas


    -Switch "Lightning Hammer" and "Courage of the Jaguar". With Lightning Hammer at 2points, fresh shamans can start pumping out hurt immediately, and not be restricted to one button throughout the near entirety of the prologue.
    -Change "Dauntless Courage" to be a resulting damage buff from your melee critical hits. It will last 9 seconds, and increase your damage by 1% per point spent in the talent.
    -Change "Overwhelming" to be only critical hit damage bonus increase, and increase each level of percentage by 2. The resulting grand total would be 30%, as opposed to the current 20%. This will turn player's attention towards building their rotations in the assumed way, with a reliance on critical hits taking priority over other methods. This may result in some players changing their rdps specs to get the extra 10% crit damage, but they would need to sacrifice 10 points to do so, which is a hefty sum for an already layed out and proven spec.
    -Give "Jolt" a debuff (8seconds preferably) that increases the targets chance to be critically hit by 5% when Jolt itself critically hits.
    -Switch "Jolt" and "Thick Skinned" in the soul tree.
    -Change "Thick Skinned" to a 1/2/3 talent that reduces your chance to be critically hit by melee attacks by 2% per point spent. Resulting total would be 6%.
    -Change "Favored of the Valnir" to a 1/2 talent that increases the contribution bonus of "Faith in Action" by 5% per point spent. I'm not settled on the values for this, so a good eye would have to be kept on it.
    -Change "Ageless Ice" to a 10second buff (still off the gcd) that reduces all incoming melee damage by 5%.
    -Have Glacial Shield retain all it's current effects, but modify the absorb effect so that it absorbs a % of all incoming damage up to a lesser value than the current one.

    I have other ideas for the Shaman, but would like opinions on these first. Keep in mind, my goal with the Shaman class is to make them into a high burst mdps, that burns through their resources quickly, but outputs a lot of damage because of it.

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    Trion seems to be moving away from mechanics that rely on a critical hit to activate.

    I think the problem with that mechanic, one that would be made worse by some of your suggestions, is that the abilities would rarely trigger at low character power and trigger often at high power, making for a class which is unplayable except at endgame where it might, in fact, be overpowered. This makes for a class that is nearly impossible to balance since it is so gear dependent.

    From a PvP perspective, I think the main change I wanted to see was to have the charge lower in the tree so you could open up some hybrid melee cleric possibilities without such a huge investment in the soul. You can't have druid's heal de-buff and shaman charge at the same time, for example...

    Shaman is actually a pretty well designed soul.

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