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Thread: Ok, so now what?

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    Default Ok, so now what?

    I started in beta and played the first month of release then I had to quit for a while. Now that I am back and finally 50 I feel quite lost in the game as to where to go. I generally do pvp in most MMO's because of relative ease of it and not much is required to participate. However, in Rift I am not sure which Souls I should be using as a new 50 to pvp because any of the healing souls I use I get owned. And if I even dare to think about using DPS I get people crying in raid chat and leaving the raid.

    I would enjoy doing PVE but what with work and other things I don't think I'll have the time. So I'm curious from the fellow Clerics of this game, what is a good build to go with? How did you survive being an early 50 with everyone pretty much out gearing you or telling you how to play your class.

    Right now all I do is stand in Meridian half the time, bored out of my mind dying my armor over, and over and over.

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    At the early pvp ranks, you will constantly get killed and alot of times it really isn't fun anymore. Once you get out of these ranks it will get better.

    I would try Taugrim's MASH build and see if you like it, it is not for everyone but it might work for you. For the build/specs, check here http://taugrim.com/2011/08/27/mash-r...ler-pvp-guide/

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    I would be a healer at early levels with one of the most durable healing builds you can get - Senticar:


    This build is designed around survival, AoE healing, and durability for Rank 0 PvP. Once you get to rank 3, you want to change to having 12 into Templar to get Reinforce (6% extra mitigation for you and your entire team every time you heal).

    How this build works is very simple. Spam "life" damage attacks, build convictions, unleash Doctrine of Loyalty heals. I recommend making a simple macro to assist with making this a simple build to use. Bring mana potions, lots of them.

    The build gives you 15% extra mitigation passively, 15% extra armor passively, a self-cast bubble every 30 seconds, and Protect the Flock which procs 5% mitigation on yourself and your entire raid every time you AoE heal (which will be very common).

    You can also swap the 0 point soul in Purifier for Templar if you find Crowd Control to be a major problem. This can be done IN COMBAT also, meaning you can actually change your "zero point soul" while CC'd with Break Free on your hotbar, and then use the ability. Takes a little effort if you want to use that strat, but it is possible.


    Conviction Builder:
    #show Life's Vengeance
    cast Censure
    cast Life's Vengeance
    cast Strike of Judgment
    cast Bolt of Radiance
    cast Banish

    ** Note Sovereignty was left out of this macro because it has a feated stun effect, and should be used strategically.

    This builds your convictions casting a ranged attack if you are not in melee range. Also note that when your attack crits, you get 2 convictions, which greatly helps. It also is good to note that you can spam this macro after using Purpose, whack a player a bunch of times, and regen your mana. Purpose is your primary mana regen ability.

    You should also make sure you know how to use Touch the Light + Healing Invocation for instant burst healing on a single target. Also use Healer's Haste + Serendipity procs to cast Healing Invocation in .6 seconds.

    Another alternative build is:

    With this you get 12 points into inquisitor giving you another Conviction builder (sanction heretic) + more HP/Armor (armor of Treachery) and a mana regen tool from Aggressive Renewal. You also get a fear immunity buff that lasts for 2m, which is truly useful in PvP. The healing styyle stays the same, and you lose the option to either have a CC break or a personal bubble, but it becomes easier to stack convictions and spam heals with better mana management.

    In the end, going deep enough into Justicar for the +15% mitigation and the massive parry/dodge ability with sentinel heals tends to be extremely durable and powerful healing build. You will still die, but you will at least be much harder to kill, and you will be incredibly capable of burst healing your entire team through AoE. It lacks in single-target healing versatility that Warden has, but with enough practice you can actually burst heal single targets much easier with the use of Healer's Haste and a proper rotation (DoL - proc's serendipity, healing invocation, repeat).
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