First off, I'm making a new thread as some of the first is a little convoluted. So I will update everyone in this post on the goings on.

-The Think Tank section of Rift Junkies is now public.

-The current moderators are Radak (aka Alovnek) and myself. In the future more might be added.

-Read the rules before you post. If you have a suggestion for the rules, post it in the correct thread. If you have a suggestion for the forum, either make the post yourself or PM one of the mods before making it.

-The goal of the Think Tank is to essentially become what Elitist Jerks was/is for WoW. Those who are unfamiliar with EJ: it was a website where people from all over the WoW community could come to find information and theorycraft about classes, abilities, raids, etc. It was well organized and well moderated, keeping only the important things on the boards that pertained to the discussion while keeping things like trolls out.

Here is the link: