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Thread: Looking for DPS build for Dungeons

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    Default Looking for DPS build for Dungeons

    I just recently came back after a long break and a lot of things are different. I'm looking for a solid DPS build so I can start doing experts again. I've looked around and a lot of stuff is for raiding, which I'm not doing right now. Mostly I just want something to get me back into it. I don't care if it's ranged of melee. Any help is appreciated.


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    I think you are judging a book by its cover on these raid threads.

    Most of them talk about low geared as in just entering raids. This would be a T2 geared cleric. If you are doing only T2s this is probably you.

    As such, I recommend you visit an old thread for lazy people on DPS. This is not a jab at you, its the title of the thread.

    If you have the role slots available, take both the Druid and the Shaman specs outlined there and bring them with you. On the lower end of the gear spectrum I had better luck with Druid. I now role with Shaman.

    For range, you are looking at a Cabi or Inq. The raid Inq thread is here. Again, the author includes a low gear spec that will do great for you.

    Cabi is a bit tougher as I don't know a good thread on it. I personally use the Shaman for ST and the Cabi for AoE. In a T2 though, the Druid/Shaman/Inquisitor specs linked will do plenty AoE.

    Best of luck!

    I should add:
    You'll see a lot of talk about how one spec pulls ahead on parse where another pulls ahead when raid buffed. For T2 I would go with whatever parses higher for you on a dummy or just take other people's word for it on what parses best on dummy. I'm not sure how briefed you are on why this is the case, but it is all about how well the different abilities scale with SP an SC. For a T2 though, use the dummy parse results.
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