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Thread: Duracell Build

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    Default Duracell Build

    Im currently level 32 and am thinking about trying out the Duracell build. My question is
    at that level, how should the points be spent.

    Thanks guys,

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    check out the massive thread with all of this information?
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    thickskin in shaman, 13 inq for contempt and aggressive renewal , rest justicar for all the damage reduction parts. I can pull 5-8 mobs with good confidence, i skipped hammer of virtue ( first options in Justicar) and pretty much picked up anything and everything defensive. I'm quite happy aoe'ng stuff, plus its to funny running thru 'thick' populated areas tossing vex on anything in range only to keep running past to get my objective: once had a trail of 14+ mobs, if they start ranging u down a tad or u get snared/slowed use that time to side strafe em for some even justice to build up ur conviction to use for doctrine of bliss as you keep on running away torward ur objective ( note: this is a clerics answer to stealthing to reach ur objective point ) so far i'm like 20/20 of surviving this method but i've had a few close calls LOL.

    Hope you give it a good try. I tried to build one at 22 and hated it. but at 28 i retried it and guess I had just enuff points to really start to see the upside. Now at 30 I have to say this build is frigindiculously fun . Slow killing on single targets but with 4 or less mobs you never even have to remotely wonder if your gonna survive ( u can watch tv and win these battles).6-8+mobs you better be on the ball and busy but once you get it down and have a pattern learned and it becomes second nature of when to do what it becomes something that'll just make you grin ear to ear.

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