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Thread: Cleric help!!!

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    Default Cleric help!!!

    I am having a few issues with my cleric. I want to play a ranged dps but i pull low dps. So i did some research and found that melee dps 31 druid, 24 shammy, 11 inquis is the best spec to date. I hate melee but want to pull the dps so im going to try it out. Now my problem is gear, I found a thread that says I need sp, sc, ap, pc and fh for my stats. Well I have a people telling me that intel is not good for clerics 0_o hmm ya i feel the same way you did when you read it. I would like to know what stats are the best for ranged dps, melee dps and healing, gear suggestions for every role and specs if you found a good one. Any information that would help me is appreciated. Thanks
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